MPACT Team Spotlight: Elise Levin-Güracar

By Anna Chiang, November 18, 2020

Elise Levin-Güracar is a research associate at SRI International and has been a part of the MPACT team for two years. She moved into education research after teaching 7th grade math. She received her teaching credential in secondary school math from Berkeley.

Q. What is your role on MPACT?

I worked on the pilot, where we implemented the curriculum in a summer program and last school year with a small group of teachers. Currently, I am part of the instrument development team working on creating and administering surveys and assessments.

Q. What is one thing you’ve enjoyed about this project?

I was able to observe MPACT lessons being taught by three differ

ent teachers during the pilot and I really enjoyed seeing the creativity of both the students and the tea

chers as they brought their own experiences and backgrounds to th

e design challenges.

To the right is a photo of one of the student’s projects. They desig

ned this train for a younger sibling and the wheels can turn. This final product came after a lot of planning, sketching, mathematical discussion, computer aided design (CAD), and prototyping work. The student was so proud and excited to give this toy as a gift.

Q. What is something you’re excited about doing/learning on the project?

As this curriculum is used by more teachers, I’m excited to hear about classroom implementation and learn how teachers integrate MPACT into their classrooms.

Q. What do you like about MPACT and can you share some of your experiences with MPACT?

I like that MPACT has meaningful projects for students to engage in. During the pilot, I had the opportunity to co-teach lessons during a summer program and really got to see how the project (designing a toy for someone younger) hooked the students and held their interest for the whole summer. Students were excited to learn the math and computer skills and got to immediately apply what they were learning to something they cared about.